Question: How long will it take to get there by car?
Answer: The Costa Calida in Murcia ( Villamazarron) is about 2.100 kilometers from London (UK)

Question: Is there an airport nearby?
Answer: Alicante airport is only 125 kilometers from the villas of Villamazarron. The connection is perfect ; all perfect quality highway !
Murcia airport is about 60 kilometers from the villas of Villamazarron. This airport is St. Javier.

Question: Can we come by train or bus ?
Answer: Because Costa Calida is a large area, we suggest to rent a car on the airport.

Question: Will the weather be nice?
Answer: The Costa Calida where the villas are located has the most hours of sun of Spain. Costa Calida means “warm coast”.  Also the air at the Costa Calida is often tested as one of the cleanest in Europe.

Question: Is the public swimming pool at the resort expensive?
Answer: Not really; when you pay a couple of euros you can enjoy the beautiful swimming pool with laying chairs all day.

Question: Can we bring our bikes ?
Answer: If you like cycling on- and off road !! This area is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Murcia invested a lot of money in walking and cycling routes. Ask us for more information.

Question:  How is the internet ?
Answer: In all the villas of Villamazarron is a very strong WIFI connection.

Question: Do you have baby-bed(s).
Answer: In all our villas is one baby bed/camping bed. If you need more ; tell us !!

Question: Towels and bed linen/sheets; are they in the villa or do we have to bring them ?
Answer: That’s all there at your arrival. Only thing you have to bring or buy are beach-towels.

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