Casa Montana


Living Room:

Heater/airco, living and dining area, audio, TV (equipped with English channels), free internet and shutters for darkening.


Induction cooking plate, oven, cooking hood, big refrigerator with freezer, coffee machine, water boiler, toaster, various cooking equipment, dinnerware and kitchen linens.


Toilet, shower, washing table, towels, face cloths and guest towels. Tip: bring your own bathing towels.


2 in toal. First bedroom is equipped with a double bed.

Second bedroom has two single beds.

Garden back:

Behind the villa you will find your own secluded terrace.

On this terrace there is a ‘seat’. Also an outdoor washing table is present. From this terrace you can reach the beautiful courtyard.

Garden front:

In front of the villa you will find a terrace with a garden set.

Also lying chairs are present as well as your own ‘parking’.


This villa can also be booked in combination with Casa Mirador


Period Price
27-10-2018 to 02-03-2019 € 250,-a week. 2 weeks € 450,-
02-03-2019 to 08-06-2019 € 275,-a week. 2 weeks € 500,-
08-06-2019 to 29-06-2019 € 300,-a week. 2 weeks € 575,-
29-06-2019 to 27-07-2019 € 475,-a week. 2 weeks € 950,-
27-07-2019 to 31-08-2019 € 525,-a week. 2 weeks € 1050,-
31-08-2019 to 14-09-2019 € 300,-a week. 2 weeks € 575,-
14-09-2019 to 02-11-2019 € 275,-a week. 2 weeks € 500,-
02-11-2019 to 29-02-2020 € 250,-a week. 2 weeks € 450,-
29-02-2020 to 06-06-2020 € 275,-a week. 2 weeks € 500,-
06-06-2020 to 27-06-2020 € 300,-a week. 2 weeks € 575,-
27-06-2020 to 01-08-2020 € 475,-a week. 2 weeks € 950,-
01-08-2020 to 29-08-2020 € 525,-a week. 2 weeks € 1050,-
29-08-2020 to 19-09-2020 € 300,-a week. 2 weeks € 575,-
19-09-2020 to 31-10-2020 € 275,-a week. 2 weeks € 500,-
31-10-2020 to 27-02-2021 € 250,-a week. 2 weeks € 450,-
27-02-2021 to 06-06-2021 € 300,-a week. 2 weeks € 575,-


  • The guarantee you pay is € 200,-We pay back your guarantee directly to your bank-account on the day of departure.
  • Final cleaning and key-costs are € 70,- This is the amount we have to pay to the clean-team who will take care that the villa is perfectly ok when you arrive. Also our key-holders will be paid from that amount ; They give you the keys at arrival, explain everything and are always there when you need them !!

The rental price you pay is including ;

  • electricity.
  • water.
  • use of internet.
  • tourists tax.
  • babybed and children-chair.

How to book Casa Montana ;

  • You want to book the villa ?
  • Sent us an email with arrival date, departure date, amount of persons (casa Montana max. 4 plus baby) and questions you have.
  • -We will answer and confirm if the villa is still available for you. In the mail we ask your home address to sent the papers by postman. In the papers ; the confirmation, a map, the route to the resort, key-address of Casana and an information map.
  • At arrival of the papers you pay by bank € 200,-. When this payment arrives your booking is confirmed. You pay the rest 2 months before arrival in the villa. When your arrival will be within 2 months you pay the whole amount at once when the papers arrive.
  • One week before arrival at the villa we contact you for the finishing touch. We ask your arrival time at the villa. We or Casana will be at the villa to receive you, give you the keys and explain you everything you have to know in and around the villa.
  • You can arrive at 15.00 hours or later. This is because of the cleaning of the villa ; the guests before you left in the morning. Arriving earlier is no problem if there are no guests leaving on the same morning. Ask us !!
  • The departure has to be before or at 10.00 o’clock. Tell Casana your departure hour and they will arrive to check the villa and pick up the keys.
  • After the final check we get an email on the same day to return the guarantee to you.

Electricity ;

  • At arrival ; put in the plug of the water boiler and take the plug out at the day of departure.
  • Encase there is no electricity ; check the fuse-box next to the front door in the living-room.
  • The user-guide of all electric equipment is in the villa. Keep it tidy please.

T.V. and internet ;

  • In the villa in television through satelite with a lot of European channels. Casana will explain you at arrival.
  • Internet in the villa is for free by WIFI or cable.

Airco ;

  • Use the airco only when necessary please. Often the use of one hour before you go to sleep, is more than enough. When you leave the villa for a day or a part of the day ; turn the airco off please.

Showers ;

  • Casa Montana has 1 shower ; no outdoor solar- showers. 1 in the villa heated through the boiler.

Safety ;

  • Always beware that the tiles can be slippery when wet !!!

Relaxing ;

  • In the cupboard are books and games to make your stay comfortable. Also you find here the information-map about the Costa Calida area. We appreciate when you want to write something in our guest-book before you leave.

Kitchen ;

  • All food in stock in the kitchen or fridge can be used. But  ; always throw away fresh food on your departure day. Or give it to the neighbours. Water is ok from the tap. But for security reasons we always use water to drink and for our tea and coffee from the bottle. Descaling tablets are in the kitchen. Use them please in the washing-machine. The oven only is in function when the time clock is running. Don’t forget to clean the oven before your departure.

Garbage ;

  • On different locations of the resort you can throw away your separated garbage.

Final cleaning ;

  • You paid for the final cleaning of the villa. Some things are not included ;
  • The washing during your stay.
  • If you change your bed-linen during your stay ; please wash them.
  • Do the dishes before you leave on the departure day.
  • Put all your garbage in the containers on the resort.
  • Please check if the barbecue and oven are clean.
  • Put all the bed-linen in the bathroom before you leave.
  • Put all the toys back please and check if it is complete and clean for the next guests.
  • Final check if you didn’t forget anything of your own properties ; We will sent it, but it will be inconvenient for you.

Villamazarron wishes you a very pleasant stay in Casa Montana.




The villa is a lovely place to have a nice and peaceful holiday. The villa is very clean and all of the furniture and equipment are brand new. What we found to be ideal was the view on the olive tree, which makes you get a feeling that you are somewhere else than in a holiday resort. We have very much enjoyed it. You do however need a car!